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Wednesday, June 21, 2006





There is no shame in making a mistake. But please… just try not to make the same mistake over and over. And… for goodness sake… when you make a mistake, don’t compound that mistake by seeking refuge in denial. Fess up, take responsibility, fix the problem as best you can and vow to do better in the future.

The Iconoclast is pleased to give this up-dated report on the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors and it’s torturous journey to learn this hard lesson about fixing mistakes and moving on to better days.

This story all started back in the summer of 2005 when Prince Edward County citizens facing a controversial zoning proposal began complaining of a dysfunctional planning process and allegations that the Planning Commission was stagnant, mismanaged, and unfairly organized. Worse yet, there were unresolved ethics questions hanging over both the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission.

Previously, the Iconoclast has described this story as taking more twists and turns than a plate full of spaghetti. That description still fits well enough to spare our readers of having to again go through the twisted logic that Chairman William “Buckie” Fore and Vice Chairman Howard Simpson went through before finally revering course. But, thankfully, reverse course they did!

Anyone who is not already familiar with this history can click on the related articles in The Commonwealth Iconoclast below. Also, read related news reports in both The Farmville Herald and The Southside Messenger.

While the Prince Edward Board of Supervisors may have wandered around in the desert for a painfully long time, in the end, they have found their way back, if not to a path of righteousness, at least to a policy that is plausibly fair and politically defensible.

To make a long story very short, after denying fair representation on the Planning Commission since last October, Chairman Fore and Vice Chairman Simpson finally led the way to reverse the Board’s earlier direction. In April, the Board (except for Supervisor Jones) authorized the addition of new seats on the Prince Edward County Planning Commission. In June, the Board filled two seats with new representatives who live in the Farmville area of Prince Edward County. So now in theory, all citizens of Prince Edward County are represented on the County Planning Commission.

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Hats off to Chairman Fore and Vice Chairman Simpson! Better late than never.

Hopefully, the Prince Edward Board of Supervisors will continue with all smiles, and move ahead towards a brighter future where everyone has a voice in Prince Edward County government.

This is a good day for Democracy in Prince Edward County. Isn’t that what it is all about?


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Note: The Iconoclast apologizes that no current group photograph is available for the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors in the Google archives. If a good one is available, we would appreciate a digital copy. Thanks.


  • At 6/22/2006 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Will, thanks for keeping an eye on this. I hope you are right. But you may be a little too optimistic too soon. There is movement in right direction and some of the County officials seem to want to do better. But,judging by the recent planning commission meeting, there are still obvious problems. After all we have been through, I don't know why.

  • At 6/23/2006 9:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The five members of the board did the right thing only because they had no other choice, trust me, this group has no interest in real democracy. but it just so happens that they were forced into a corner. Give them time, their true colors will shine through again.

  • At 6/25/2006 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is frustrating that our Board of Supervisors is so slow to respond to citizen concerns. This problem has been going on since last fall. It is like they get elected and then promptly forget about the citizens they are supposed to be serving. There are some good people on the Board, but too many of them are just distracted with their own personal agendas.

  • At 6/25/2006 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My friend, what you are seeing is a leadership problem. The fish rots from the head.


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