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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

That time of year again...

Ok, we know that Christmas must be around the corner because the right-wing-noise-machine is starting to run their annual "War on Christmas" talking points. Yep, the holiday season officially begins once the first "War on Christmas" salvo is launched!

I prefer to call it the "War on the Constitution" instead. This would seem more appropriate to me.

As always, the usual suspect - Jerry Falwell - is leading the annual charge to promote this "war" (along with Bill O'Reilly, James Dobson, et. al.). Here is a good article discussing just how Jerry and friends plan on going on the offensive so they will win this war in the name of baby Jesus.

Once again, I'm glad to have some help on this blog. It just might give me the motivation I need to start blogging again - even with college football season in full tilt and a new baby girl at home!


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