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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The "War on Terror" must be over..

Here's a good one - the Bush administration is reviving the "anti-obscenity squad" to go after pornographers. Ok, my first thought was that the Administration must be targeting child pornographers, which would be a good thing - but no, we're talking about concenting adults. Therefore this new "porn hit squad" might find itself at odds with the first amendment, but we know that the Bush administration considers the constitution to be minor detail when considering policy. But from a political point of view (which seems to be the administrations only concern 24-7) it's a super way for the estranged Alberto Gonzales to endear himself to the Christian Right.

Apparently some members of the FBI find this "anti-obscenity squad" a bit ridiculous as well. One FBI agent comment that the "war on terror must be over" - I guess some members of the FBI feel that their time/resources could be used in a better manner. You think?

Once again, Bush proves he's stuck in a time warp that must be perpetually sending him back to 1985. I heard a good expression the other day that sums up how I feel at this moment "smile, the worst is yet to come". Seems appropriate.