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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Regent University Swiftly Silences Dissent....

Regent University sends a clear message to students: There’s no humor in making fun of Mr. Pat Robertson…second year law student’s mental status questioned, told to take a hike…but Adam Key isn’t going without a fight.

If you attend Regent University in Virginia Beach be warned that school administration has zero tolerance for dissent, or well maybe humor? Poking fun at the "Great Leader", no not Kim Jong Ill, but Pat Robertson will lead to swift punishment and you might find yourself in a straight jacket too! Just ask second year Regent law student Adam Key...

You know college kids, always "pushing the envelope", taking things too far, always trying to prove a point….ahhh, the days of student activism... Mr. Adam Key, a second year law student at Regent University, made the mistake of poking a little “college fun” at THE CREATOR of Regent University, Mr. Pat Robertson...yeaa, that know the old guy who claims he once leg pressed 2,000 pounds...or who once used his divine connections to redirected a hurricane from hitting Virginia Beach...yes, that guy! Who would ever think to poke a little fun at him?

Well, apparently Mr. Key didn't read his student handbook? Because the second year law student would have known that posting a picture of Pat lobbing "the bird" on his “facebook” page (albeit I assume a slightly photoshoped picture) could get you booted from school...Remember Adam, people are watching…the place is crawling with informants, even in cyberspace! Therefore Mr. Key found himself in “hot water” when his transgression was exposed to Regent’s Administration. The good folks at Regent didn’t find much humor in Adam’s facebook picture and in matter of fact Mr. Key is now banned from the University….Yes, banned! Wow!

In an article appearing today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch Regent's Associate Dean for Student Affairs L.O. Natt Gantt II indicated that several students have come forward expressing concern about Key's behavior this semester and have reported that Key said he brought a gun onto campus.

Please read carefully..."several students have reported that Key said he brought a gun onto campus"...hmmm, sounds a bit circumstantial if you ask me, would that hold up in Court? Could these be "trumped up" allegations as a means to show Mr. Key what happens when you make the slightest bit of fun of Pat Robertson?

After all, anyone insane enough to overtly make fun of Pat Robertson while attending Regent must be dangerous? Right? I mean do you think North Koreans go around making fun of Kim Jong Ill’s hair? Come on Adam!

But Adam Key isn't backing down and he is quick to point out that he feels that Regent is exploiting the Virginia Tech shooting as justification for their recent actions against him. Mr. Key states, "There's a big difference between someone who was incredibly violent, like the Virginia Tech kid, and someone who disagrees with the administration," he said. "At the time we start labeling people who have dissenting voices as dangerous, we start losing the freedom that makes us Americans."

Ahhh, now it appears we are getting to the root of the problem and I'm sure such statements by Mr. Key are indeed why Regent officials are not too thrilled with the second year law student...I mean did you read that quote? "At the time we start labeling people who have dissenting voices....we start losing the freedom that makes us Americans?"

Sounds like some fancy ACLU attorney doesn't it? Using phrases like "dissenting voices" and "losing the freedom"...geez...

We here at the Iconoclast wish Adam the very best, and we hope he continues to "fight the good fight"...but in the end, I think it would be best if Adam considers a school where his dissent will be appreciated and celebrated as a core American value; a school where making fun of a school's "leader" will not get you tossed...sounds like the University of Richmond would be a perfect fit for Adam!

As for Regent University...I mean is this really a surprise? We are talking about Regent University, Adam you chose to go to Regent, you must have had some idea of the climate on campus? Still,I guess in order to attend Regent one must quickly come to the realization that certain Constitutional Rights are null-and-void while on campus…fair enough, it’s their school, do as you wish…but for all current students beware, you are being watched…..reading this post might even get you in trouble…..

Best of luck to Adam, we admire your spirit, for now please take comfort in the words of Clarence Darrow, "lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for..."

Sounds like a lost cause to me...


  • At 10/15/2007 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Makes you wonder if students at Regent who don't agree with faculty, or express "alternative" views are harrassed as well, even in a subtle manner? The allegations againts the student sound very questionalbe. This to me is the most troubling part of the story. Sounds like a lie.

    But if you go as far as Adam did, I guess you can expect the worse. I wonder if you would get in the same trouble if you made fun of Anne Coulter???

  • At 10/15/2007 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hell no we're not harassed just because we have different views. that's absolutely ridiculous.

    adam key is a maladjusted douchenozzle. before you defend him, do your homework on the guy. (, anyone? anyone?)

    christ, people, get a grip.

    i'm there to learn the damn law... not get involved in some eternal struggle with some old rich guy who founded the place. if only others could have just concentrated on their damn substantive assignments, this bullshit wouldn't have gone on in the first place.


  • At 10/15/2007 12:12 PM, Anonymous Hey Reggie said…

    So Reg, it seems that you concur with the author of this piece that if Adam would have just been a "good little sheep" he'd be OK now...right?

    Adam is being accused of bringing a gun to school - when you consider what happened at VT this is a pretty serious accusation to drop on someone.

    So is being a "douchenozzle" enough to get you in trouble at Regent? Because when I was in college I had plenty of those types in my classes, but none were ever accused of toting guns to campus, or for that matter banned from campus.

    But considering that your prestgious university is likely adamantly pro-second amendment why would you have a problem if Adam toted a gun to campus in the first place?

    Be careful Reggie, people are listening and wathing you....your legal career could be in jeopardy!

  • At 10/15/2007 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know adam personally. He brought a taser gun to school (I know because he showed it to me) I do not think even he is stupid enought (given the current climate) to bring a firearm to campus. He likes attention and we are all feeding him. Regent is a private campus and he posted Pat's pic on a university sponsered email list (that is what started this not facebook). Lets all take a deep breath and check reality this is not a big deal.

  • At 10/15/2007 1:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Listen to these folks. This sounds like high school all over again.

    Will wonders why Adam chose to go to Regent? I'd be willing to bet that Regent is likely the only law school he could get into, that is why he is there.

    So that means he's probably like 90 percent of the rest of the students at Regent. Just academic hostages. They do their time and keep their mouths shut. Sure, there are few Christian idealist at Regent who would have chose Regent over Harvard, but don't kid yourself

    Don't believe me look at the statistics:

    "According to statewide and national statistics, Regent's four-year average Virginia bar pass rate is 51.5%, which is 21.5% below the statewide average of 73%, and the lowest in the Commonwealth of Virginia.[7]"

    "U.S. News & World Report ranks Regent Law as a Tier 4 school"

    I don't fee sorry for Adam at all. He wanted a JD and Regent let his sorry but in. SO DEAL WITH THE ENVIRONMENT!

  • At 10/15/2007 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    How can you not make fun of that clown. Look at this:

    "Clay Travis of CBS SportsLine dotcom's online magazine called the assertion impossible in a column this week, writing that the leg-press record for football players at Florida State University is 665 pounds less."

  • At 10/15/2007 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah but God doesn't go to Florida State University. Duh!

  • At 10/15/2007 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I go to Regent because it's a great school with great professors, regardless of the bar passage rate. Dissent is certainly tolerated and even encouraged in the classroom and elsewhere on campus. And the professors all care genuinely about their students. The bar passage rate is on its way up, and Regent's moot court and negotiations teams often win or do very well in competitions, even against schools such as Harvard.

    See the following links for examples: (See the D.C. Regional results for Regent's standing in this one).

    Regent's Journal of International Law is taking "international" to a whole new level this year by teaming up with a school in Handong, Korea to produce its Fall 2007 journal and hopefully all subsequent journals.

    Adam's one comment is not what got him in trouble. It was a pattern of concerning behavior and intolerance of others' views in e-mail discussions and other forums that got the students concerned.

  • At 10/16/2007 12:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is not about free speech. This is a private law school. Thus, no state action. Additionally, there are other reasons why this guyw as suspended. Maybe check Youtube. He is off his rocker. He has tats relating to law, for god's sake. He is clearly insane. In any event, he will NEVER, EVER, EVER get back to Regent or get into any other law school. I guarantee it. I've dealt with a guy like this and saw him apply to schools for years after making a stupid judgment call like this guy, where he tries to "fight the system". Yeah, Regent might be a bit touchy with the finger-deal, but Keys is totally nuts.

  • At 10/16/2007 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Adam Key is not on If you actually read the discussion at BaptistWatch, you'll see that Key immediately resigned when Straight Pride(which by the way is a t-shirt company) was revealed to have a connection with racists.

    Unless Key was a cop or military, he can't buy tasers. Even if he had some kind of other shock device, it's the same as having pepper spray, it's for defense not offense. The way you crackpots are acting, I'd carry some mace too.

    If Key is being suspended because he's intolerant of other people's views(which seems like a lie given what the man has told the press) then all you fundies would be out of there. Isn't intolerance something Pat kind of prides himself on?

    And by the way, if you listen to Michael Berry's interview of Key( you'll see that he was in the top 13 percent of LSAT scores and got into Pepperdine. Apparently, he's one of those idealistic kids you talked about.

    And what exactly was this concerning behavior? Dissent? Not being a sheep?

  • At 10/16/2007 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    First things first -

    1. How many current, past, future, and prospective Regent students have satire of anti-Christian stalwarts such as Hillary and Bill Clinton, Osama Obama and the ACLU on thier PERSONAL homepages ? are they being chased down and excommunicated?

    2. If this guy is as lame a joke as his comments, shouldnt the discipline merit the level of malice - where is his evil intent? Make him clean the bathrooms or shovel Pat's stable out for a few days. Everyone knows you cant transfer out of law school in the 2nd year and a suspendsion will not allow him to transfer anyway - this is an academic dealth penalty for a f'n joke - keep this in perspective.

    3. If there was ever a secutiy threat, why adress it after the fact. If they think this kid had a weapon on campus LAST year, the Regent SWAT team (yes- there is one - ask anyone who has walked too close to Pat's on campus compound and been escorted off) Remember the 6 gay advocates 2 years ago who wanted to visit the campus and were faced down by 70 or so uniformed cops (per Pat: to protect the integrity of the learning process on campus)

    Somebody please get this poor kid some legal help equal to the heavy handed tactics espoused by the school and its fundamentlist wackos.

  • At 10/16/2007 8:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what i find troubling is the statement in the dispatch's article which suggest the administration would leave Key alone if he'd just stop running his mouth (i.e. talk to the media);

    so is this really about Key being unstable or is is just about silencing someone for poking fun at Pat Robertson?

    Of course Pat does enough on his own to make folks laugh at him.

  • At 10/18/2007 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Look--those of us who know Adam Key think he is an immature, self-absorbed dickhead.

    How will he explain all those tats of legal terms and people to his grandchildren, when he got kicked out of law school? When his classmates are out making $250k a year and he is a WalMart stockboy, he will perhaps then have second thoughts.

  • At 10/18/2007 10:21 PM, Anonymous Wal Mart Exec. said…

    I personally don't really give a shit about this issue and have been kind of sitting on the fence looking at both sides... at least... up until this last asinine comment.

    First off, I don't know or give a shit about Adam Key. It doesn't really matter that I like him or if he is "an immature, self-absorbed dickhead" as our last poster has suggested.

    It also doesn't matter if he has tats depicting the Navy, the Constitution, the devil or his God damned mother. Jesus... what does this have to do with anything.

    But what really strikes me as interesting... and totally pathetic... is this dude who seems to think law school is just about knocking down $250k a year and avoiding honest work as a stock boy at Wal Mart!!!

    I will make a prediction... who ever it was who made this asinine comment about the $250k is going to be a life long asshole and a colossal failure in any kind of advocacy work... including as an attorney. I doubt this dumb ass would even make a decent stock boy at Wal Mart.

    Most serious corporate legal clients can smell these kinds of lazy, money grubbing legal hacks a mile away and get rid of them. We don't want or need that kind of attitude any where near our serious business.

    We want F I G H T E R S who are S M A R T and who have principles and we really don't give a shit if they have tats, long hair or other non-conventional traits.

    It is a sorry state of affairs that we have young people who are so damned out of touch with the real world!!!

  • At 10/22/2007 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just graduated from Regent Law in May.

    I know Adam personally and he's a total freak. The guy has major problems with authority gets into conflicts all the time.

    He's an attention seeking weirdo. Key is pretending that this is about a facebook photo, it's not.

    It was one of my close friends who heard him talking about having a gun in his car.

    Not only that, last year he asked a student to hold his gun while he lived in the Regent Village.

    And he's way too pushy and aggressive with women. Girls at the school are afraid of him.

    For example, prior to even getting to Regent Key messaged a number of girls (whom he had not even met) telling them that "I've been praying about it and God wants us to date each other." Strange?

    To the person who mentioned the bar passage rate: We're at or above the state average for ABA schools. I passed.

    To the person who said that civilians cannot buy tasers: You're wrong. Search online.

    Lastly, I'm an agnostic democrat. If I made it through three years without getting into any trouble at Regent for my dissenting views, anyone can.

    Regent's rep is bad enough. I don't need attention whores like Key dirtying the name of my alma mater any more.

  • At 10/23/2007 2:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Another day, another comment that got deleted. No clue why though, is this Pat's personal blog?

    All I've seen are unfounded and ridiculous allegations with absolutely no backup coming from supposed Regent students.

    If Key actually did these things, then prove it. If you can't, then stop posting it. You cannot make outrageous claims and expect rational people to believe you without some kind of proof.

    I don't care if your best friend or your worst enemy said Key had a gun, why hasn't anyone come forward to say they actually SAW Key with a gun?

    Again, with the facebook stuff, take a screen shot and post it, it's easy enough to prove. Unless you're lying.

    Last outrageous claim: an agnostic democrat who graduated from Regent? Yeah, and I have a bridge to sell you.

  • At 10/24/2007 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    At 10/23/2007 2:38 AM, Anonymous
    Adam Key

    You know how we know that the comment above mine was made by Adam Key?

    I said:

    "For example, prior to even getting to Regent Key messaged a number of girls (whom he had not even met) telling them that "I've been praying about it and God wants us to date each other." Strange?"

    Then the guy above me responded:

    "Again, with the facebook stuff, take a screen shot and post it, it's easy enough to prove."

    Facebook? I never said that Adam had been making awkward advances over Facebook. It just so happens to be true! BUSTED!

    And let's be realistic, who else is crazy (and interested) enough to ask for "proof" over blog comments?

    FACT: Students overheard key saying that he had a gun in his car

    FACT: Key asked a student to hold his gun last year

    FACT: At least two female students said that Key made advances over facebook prior to school starting saying such things as, "I've been praying about it and God wants us to date."

    FACT: Key's had many confrontations and run-ins with his professors and the administration.

    The guy is off his rocker, has a persecution complex, and is an attention whore.

    Regent Grad,
    Agnostic Democrat

  • At 10/25/2007 4:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear supposed agnostic democrat from Pat Robertson U,

    You posted the same stupid comment right here:

    And I responded the exact same way
    there too

    It's amazing they let you graduate with reasoning skills like yours

    I'm not Adam Key, but I happen to work for the ACLU and I'm interested in the outcome of this situation

    You can call them facts all you want, just like Pat can claim all kinds of crazy things were whispered to him by the Almighty

    Still doesn't make it true

    Show some proof or shut up

    Or did the voices in your head tell you all those "facts"

  • At 10/25/2007 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    For those of you keeping score at home, so-called agnostic democrat mentioned the facebook detail in his other post, which I answered first

    Check the timestamps

  • At 10/25/2007 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hah. Now you claim to work for the ACLU, Adam? Really? You're a lawyer now? Which ACLU branch?

    Are you the ACLU spokesman who is quoted in this article:

    "Key's brief cites ABA accreditation standards, saying they permit schools to enact religious policies “only to the extent that these policies are protected by the United States Constitution.” But an ABA spokeswoman told the newspaper the ABA does not address free-speech rights when considering law-school accreditation."

    You doubt that I graduated from Regent? Why? Or you doubt that I'm a Southern Democrat? Or you doubt my beliefs?

    You want "proof" over a blog? You want me to tell you which 1L told me that last year so you can go harass her, Adam?

    Adam, they are afraid of you, that's why they complained to the dean in the first place.

    What about the student who claims that you showed your taser to him?

    And "voices in you head"? Did your mother tell you that insult, Adam? (For those keeping score, Adam's biological mother is certifiably insane.)

  • At 10/25/2007 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    TYPO: Clearly got the acronyms mixed up.

    "Are you the ACLU spokesman who is quoted in this article"

    should read

    "Are you also the ABA spokesman who is quoted in this article"

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