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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reflections on the New Year

Wow, what happened to the year 2007? As they say… time sure does fly…

I guess that is what happens when one is having fun.

Here we are now looking down the barrel of a brand new year.

So, what is new for us to examine here at the Iconoclast in the new year?

A return of cheap gas? Fogettaboutit!

Presidential primaries… the Party conventions… the November elections? Yep… almost no way to avoid it unless we move into a cave for the next year.

The writers strike? Will they go back to work? Or does it even matter? With few exceptions, can TV programming actually get much worse? Who really knows?

More shameless lack of political principles and backbone in the General Assembly regarding the payday lending issue? Probably.

More lack of real solutions to the Virginia transportation funding crisis? Maybe some bright legislators can think of something better than last year's silly gimick of gouging Virginia divers under the trumped up guise of “highway safety measures”.

Peace in the Middle East? One would hope but I'm not very optimistic.

World peace? Mmmmm… I guess that depends on where you happen to be hanging your hat. We in America will still enjoy relative peace and safety in the coming year and for the foreseeable future. But beware of politicians promising perfect safety. It is a false promise. The world is still a dangerous place.

A meaningful reform of health care system in the United States or at least some progress? Maybe. With all these "boomers" approaching that health critical age, the politics might actually start to respond.

More boneheaded poor judgment by public officials in high offices at every level of government from the White House, through the halls of Congress, the state houses across America and right down to our city halls and county courthouses? Almost certainly.

It is said that there is nothing new under the sun. I tend to believe that this is true. Most of the important issues of the past year or even the past decade are still with us. Maybe we can say that there has been some progress on some fronts. But, too often, it is hard to say if there has been any real progress or just changing details on the same problems. Who knows?

We will be watching and from time to time offer our little two cents worth to the unfolding events.


  • At 5/12/2009 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "More boneheaded poor judgment by public officials in high offices at every level of government from the White House, through the halls of Congress, the state houses across America and right down to our city halls and county courthouses? Almost certainly."

    Perhaps this sentence from your blog explains why the following things are happening in Farmville / Prince Edward County:
    (1) Longwood Foundation is building a bridge which directly connects Lancer Park (?) to Third Street so that traffic doesn't have to weave through the industrial zone by Buffalo Shook & the Concrete Company. This connection will be an interruption in the flow of traffic along Third Street. However Grove Street exists on both sides of Third Street and only needs a bridge to connect it across Third Street. SO - rather than the Town of Farmville and Longwood Foundation working TOGETHER to connect TWO neighborhoods (Lancer Park students and the existing homes along Grace Street) using an EXISTING planned transportation route - Longwood is building a bridge that serves only their community - and will be installing bollards to prevent the homes along grace from accessing this "safer" connection point. Should I mention the composition of the existing neighborhood? Should I mention how SEPARATING this project is??? Surprising for a University that touts itself as a member of the larger community and non-discriminating...
    (2) The Town of Farmville has an Historical District - which has been registered on the National Register of Historic Places. So WHY is the Town planning to demolish the "Middle or Farmville Warehouse" which is designated as a "contributing" building in the historic district? Oh - for parking of course. So the Town spends $750,000 to buy the building, demolish the historic building, and construct a parking lot for 42 parking spaces. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to keep the historic building - retrofit it to serve a purpose that is ATTRACTIVE for downtown? Then to provide parking spaces - look at the lot at the corner of South and Depot Streets - I bet $750K would go a long way toward building an elevated parking lot above the EXISTING 60 space lot there - the elevated parking deck would probably come in close to grade with the new High Bridge pedestrian trail in that same location. So - for the same amount of money - the Town could keep their historic building and could add MORE parking that would also be an attractive accent to the new trail park. It doesn't make sense.
    (3) The PE County BOS continues to make apologies for our tragic past. When are we ALL going to truly start forgiving those who trespassed against us and begin to look forward to a future of cooperation, growth, and progress?
    Does this really happen because of a light atop the courthouse or a sign in the lawn (paid for with tax-payers money)?

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