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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Senate Contest in Virginia heats up in the hereafter!

Allen or Webb: Who does the late President love the most?

Will the final word from the late President Ronald Reagan put issue to a final rest?

The Iconoclast spares no expense or effort to get answers!!!

As the political season continues to heat up, the average non-political citizen is inundated with all kinds of information, claims and counter-claims from the candidates, from their campaign organizations, from the parties they are affiliated with and from various talking heads who put themselves out to the public as knowing what the heck they are talking about.

Added to the confusion, in the contest between incumbent George F. Allen and Jim Webb for the junior United States Senate seat for Virginia we have the unusual situation where political commentary comes to us now from beyond the grave.

This makes things much more confusing for us mere mortal voters.

The controversy began earlier this month when the Webb for Senate camp unveiled their first big TV advertisement (30 seconds long) using video clips showing the late President Ronald W. Reagan introducing in highly complementary terms the then Assistant Secretary of Defense James Webb.

Subsequently, the same James Webb served in the Reagan Administration as the Secretary of Navy until he resigned in 1988 over disagreements with cutbacks in the number of Navy ships.

This advertisement is what might be termed in political circles as a decidedly “positive commercial” containing only information of a positive or favorable nature for the candidate without any critical information about the candidate’s political opponent. These kinds of advertisements are often touted by political observers as a good thing in contrast to the "negative commercials” that contain mostly critical or negative information concerning the political opponent.

So what is the problem?

Well… as the late President Reagan was fond of saying… while people say that positive campaigning is good, everybody knows that negative campaigning is much better. Oh yeah! Much, much better...

So, that being the case,the Allen camp is going negative with a new campaign attack add against Webb.

Allen's people are "crying foul" because the Webb advertisement seems to “imply” that the late President Reagan would support Virginia native and Democratic candidate James Webb as opposed to supporting California native and Republican candidate George Allen for the United States Senate in Virginia.

On top of this, the late President’s widow, Nancy Reagan, has asked Webb to not use the video clip from a 1985 public event showing her late husband complementing then Assistant Defense Secretary Webb (an appointment by the Reagan administration), invoking the reason being as the lack of her express authorization to use the public video records in which her late-husband, the former President appeared.

According to the Allen people, Webb’s actions are outrageous and disrespectful of the late-President’s widow. How brazenly disrespectful can a political candidate be... the gall of using historical records for political advantage?

The Allen people have gone on to explain that the 30 second video clip implies that the late President would support Webb whose only claim to legitimacy was being born in Virginia, being an outstanding graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a decorated combat war veteran, a former high ranking official in the United States defense establishment, and a successful writer.

By extension of the Allen team arguments we voters may fairly conclude that the late President would never do that but rather prefers California born George Allen, whose dad was a national sports icon, and who presently holds the junior Senate seat in Virginia.


Who do we believe? It is so hard to know for sure. Who can possibly know what or who the late President Ronald Reagan would support today considering that he died over two years ago?

Here at the Iconoclast, we do not let mere earthly technicalities stand in our way. We hate unresolved questions and within the limits of our budget, will spare no expense or effort to get to the bottom of this quandary.

So, we decided to go to the original source… that being the Gipper himself… "The Great Communicator" … the late President of the United States, Ronald W. Reagan.

You may be wondering: How can we do this?

Well… easy… if you believe in astrology… which we of course do! In fact, lots of important people believe in astrology.

To finally resolve once and for all this question, we have consulted with Sister Bling-Bling Chickenbone of Charlestown, West Virginia or there abouts. Sister Chickenbone comes to us highly recommended possessing both a certificate of attendance and crystal ball from the prestigious West Virginia Academy of Astrological and Spiritism Sciences and Candle Products Wholesale Warehouse, Inc.

After submitting our query by email to Sister Chickenbone’s web-site, along with the appropriate major credit card information and charge authorization for $19.95, we received the following prompt and professional written response.

“The spirit world sends you greetings and good will. Continue your quest for spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. You will be rewarded richly. Visit our candle and paranormal accessories shop on-line or at 1307 Elm Street, behind Ray’s Rent-to-Own, here in Charlestown. Bad credit, no credit? Not a problem.

President Reagan sends you his best wishes. He is doing well and continues to watch with interest the worldly matters of the living. However, he advises all interested parties that he has not endorsed either candidate for the United States Senate from Virginia preferring to leave that matter up to the good judgment of the voters. He has also indicated that he has not issued authorization to anyone, including Nancy, to guess what he may or may not think of today’s events, reminding all concerned that his job here on earth is done and today’s events are for the living to deal with as best they can.

The late President also offers the sage advice to those who may be confused or in doubt that the history is only what it is and that it can not be changed by mortal spin doctors even if they are employed by Republican Senator George Allen.

For the deluxe, enhanced reading (which comes with a special boxed set of candles suitable for home séances), at only $49.95, additional insights from the hereafter are available.”

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen… the final word from the hereafter from The Great Communicator himself. What more can anyone else say (unless they fork over the additional $49.95 for the deluxe enhanced reading).

If it was only possible to change history! Wouldn’t it be grand? Jim Webb would not have been standing on that stage back on May 22, 1985 with President Ronald W. Reagan, and the President wouldn’t have said those nice words.

History would be entirely different! If only!!!

But President Reagan and Jim Webb were there on May 22, 1985 at the United States Military Academy and those words were spoken.

What a rotten break for Senator Allen. Don't you just hate it when the facts get in the way of a perfectly good political campaign?


  • At 9/18/2006 9:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can understand why it would be inappropriate to use the former president's image for some cheap commercial gain,like Oliver Stone did with Kennedy, but to somehow suggest that historic records of public events can not be used for educational or political purposes would be a total perversion of the first amendment rights of freedom of speech. You would think Allen would understand that.

  • At 9/19/2006 2:15 AM, Anonymous Minga Dung said…

    Please be so kind to proved Sister Bling-Bling Chickenbone's web-site or email address. Thanks.

  • At 9/21/2006 11:51 AM, Blogger Will Vaught said…

    We presumed that no one would take this too seriously. But for those of you who may be interested you can get her at blingblingchickenbone@sucker.con . Thanks for asking.

  • At 9/21/2006 9:45 PM, Anonymous Cliff said…

    I watched that political advertisement the other day. What is the big deal? Webb is not calling people names, making fun of people or accusing anybody of anything. Maybe Senator Allen should take a play out of this play-book. Sorry about that football reference.

  • At 9/24/2006 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Check out the sanctimonious letter to the Richmond Times today vilifying Jim Web for "ignoring Nancy Reagan's request" not to use the video clip of the late president with Webb. I am wondering who gave this individual permission to speak for Nancy Reagan? If she truly thought that this was a serious matter, which it is not, she can certainly speak for her self and exercise whatever options are at her disposal, which are few other than go on the talk show circuit and complain. Frankly, I get tired of this transparent high-handed political demigogery. Let's move on to some real issues.

  • At 11/17/2006 7:18 AM, Anonymous jansenkoe said…

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