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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

“Ethnic Rally”…?

What does this mean?

Am I invited?

What shall I wear?

Ladies and gentlemen, I will admit it… I am confused, befuddled and perplexed…

Having been raised by a mother who attempted (sometimes in vain) to instill in me and my sisters the importance of good manners and proper etiquette, I perhaps worry too much about how to behave in various social and business venues.

So, you can imagine the quandary that I presently face concerning how to respond to Senator George Allen’s recently announced new campaign event format, that being the so called “Ethnic Rally.”

If Senator Allen should schedule one of these Ethnic Rallies in my community, should I attend?

How does one get invited to attend one of these Ethnic Rallies? Are blood tests required?

Is Caucasian considered to be an ethnicity? I have been told that I have a great tan. Does that help with whole “ethnic” look.

What if the ethnicities get all mixed up? You know… the Latinos, the Asians, the Africans, the Native Americans?

What does everyone talk about? Probably ought to stay away from anything political. I know... we can just smile a lot… A smile says a lot about a person.

What kind of finger food do they serve at these Ethnic Rallies and how does one properly eat it to avoid being seen as a non-ethnic buffoon? Tacos? Egg rolls? Ribs? Sushi?

What about choices of beverages? Tequila? Malt liquor? Saki?

What would one wear to an Ethnic Rally in contrast to normal rallies? Maybe some bright colors would be in order. Yeah… a bright yellow shirt would probably fit right in... one similar to those pictured above perhaps!

As you can see there are so many questions…

But I have a couple of final questions for Senator Allen…

What kind of Senate candidate would come up with the idea of having an Ethnic Rally in the first place?

What kind of Senate candidate would need to hold an Ethnic Rally?

Frankly, the whole idea just doesn't quite sound right.


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  • At 9/12/2006 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Too bad that the late great football player, Rev. Reggie White, isn't still alive, or he could have been the guest speaker at Allen's "ethnic rally". Reggie could have set everyone straight on just what qualities each ethnic group/race posses. I wonder if SR Sidarth can "turn a TV into a watch"? :

    "Well, it's interesting to me to know why now. When you look at the black race, black people are very gifted in what we call worship and celebration. A lot of us like to dance, and if you go to black churches, you see people jumping up and down, because they really get into it.

    White people were blessed with the gift of structure and organization. You guys do a good job of building businesses and things of that nature and you know how to tap into money pretty much better than a lot of people do around the world.

    Hispanics are gifted in family structure. You can see a Hispanic person and they can put 20 or 30 people in one home. They were gifted in the family structure.

    When you look at the Asians, the Asian is very gifted in creation, creativity and inventions. If you go to Japan or any Asian country, they can turn a television into a watch. They're very creative. And you look at the Indians, they have been very gifted in the spirituality."

  • At 9/12/2006 6:31 PM, Anonymous Cliff said…

    Here is a radical idea. Why doesn't George Allen just serve tacos, ribs, and sushi at his regular rallies and forget about categorizing people.

  • At 9/12/2006 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It really appear that Senator Allen is extremely out of touch with regular folks. He has become what he claims to despise: an out of touch beltway insider. This "enthnic rally" just serves to drive home this point all the more.

  • At 9/13/2006 12:58 AM, Anonymous Dr. Mindgames said…

    Funny little story. But in all seriousness the personality trait of sterotyping people is so compulsively ingrained in some people that they don't realize that they are doing it. We all do this to some degree or another, but in some people it becomes a debilitating personality flaw. Yeah, the idea of an "ethnic rally" seems to be a pretty dumb idea.

  • At 9/13/2006 5:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dumb indeed...but what else can we expect of George Allen?

    It surely is no surprise to his constituents.

    sorry this is anonymous but beta blogger won't let me post any other way....

    mosquito-blog at

  • At 9/14/2006 12:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    According to yesterday's news, Mr. Allen says that he finally "gets it." Of course, considering that the past month has been such a disaster for him, what would we expect him to say?

  • At 9/15/2006 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    well good for him. It's only taken 50 years for him to "get it"...he's just a regular old Spike Lee now..


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