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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attack of the John Kerry Clones....

A newly adopted campaign strategy that the Virginia GOP appears to be using ever so frequently is to compare every democratic candidate for any statewide office to John Kerry. For instance, you might recall that a Virginia GOP political action committee recently ran a TV commercial in which Tim Kaine, the democratic nominee for governor, was compared to the evil, baby killing, tax raising, draft dodging (oops, well anyway), gun hating, anti-church, commie loving, hater-of-all-things-held-sacred-by-good-ole-country-boys, John Kerry.

Now this strategy has appeared to have funneled all the way down to Virginia's 26th District's House of Delegate race too. Today an article appeared in the Augusta Free Press in which Matt Lohr, the republican nominee, compared his opponent, Lowell Fulk, to John Kerry, because Fulk had the audacity to be the chairman of Rockingham County's Democratic committee. It's nice to know that Lohr will be a candidate that will focus his campaign on issues of real importance to the residents of the 26th district, and not get side tracked by petty name calling. Doesn't the thought of having a legitimate two party system just infuriate you too?

Obviously Lohr's sophisticated campaign staff knows exactly how to reach the reptilian minds of the conservative 26 district's voters. Somewhere (maybe prison) Karl Rove is smiling. I mean hell, why not just compare the radical left wing Rockingham County reared farmer, Lowell Fulk, to the leftist Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara? Wouldn't that be more accurate?

When you consider President Bush's historic miserable beginning to his second term, comparing Lowell Fulk to the decorated veteran, and senior Senator might not be such a bad thing after all. But the Virginia GOP appears to think that the voters of the Commonwealth are dumb, and they will do anything to "muddy the waters" in order to to get their guys elected (aka politics), even if this means resorting to silly name calling in lieu of articulating a coherent and meaningful platform.


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