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Friday, July 08, 2005

Thank you Russ!

Thus far, the 2005 race for the governorship of Virginia has probably produced the most substanceless campaign in recent memory. The race is so lacking in substance, that neither the republican or democratic candidate can even come up with a catchy phrase to win support. Truly a sad state of affairs in the Commonwealth!

The republican nominee, Jerry Kilgore, most notable advantage is that he is the republican nominee. Whereas Tim Kaine, the democratic nominee, appears to be content with trying to match Kilgore's "conservative values" of tax cutting, and social conservatism. Therefore, it appears that Kilgore and Kaine have essentially morphed into the same candidate more or less.

Instead of becoming a real issues oriented party and focusing on the things that really matter to the moderate majority, the Democratic Party of Virginia appears to have decided to become "GOP light" instead. In all fairness to the Democratic Party of Virginia, they probably feel that a race to the bottom is the only way in which they can match the GOP juggernaut that has dominated the Commonwealth since the early 1990s. (With the lone anomaly during this period being the election of moderate democratic governor Mark Warner, and this of course was due to the outright fiscal recklessness of the former republican Gilmore administration).

In an election where the citizens of the Commonwealth deserve open and honest debate (Ok, I know I'm dreaming here) about issues concerning transportation, education, and so forth, an article appeared today in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in which the all-so-important issue of gay adoption was discussed. You have to understand this is a very important issues to the residents of the Commonwealth and we spend lots of time and energy thinking about this subject!

Russ Potts, the independent/maverick republican candidate, who has become disenfranchised with the Virginia's GOP extreme rightward shift, takes a divergent stance on this issue of gay adoption when compared to Kilgore and Kaine. Here are a few quotes from the 90 minute interview recently conducted by the Associated Press which appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning:

"We're all God's children," Potts said. "I don't think that they ought to be precluded from adopting a child."

"I know of several situations in which a gay person adopted a child and [was] just a very loving, caring parent, was out there at every one of the Little League baseball games and the parent-teacher events," he said.

"I never miss being in church every Sunday at the Braddock Street United Methodist Church. But I can't imagine that a gay person gets to the pearly gates of heaven and this loving, benevolent God is going to deny that person a place in his kingdom because he or she is gay. That happens to be my conviction," Potts said.
He does not, however, support allowing gay marriages, saying he believes it is an institution sanctioned only between one man and one woman.

"I think there's just a tremendous overemphasis on all these social issues when, in fact, Rome is burning: We have the worst transportation challenge in America, we have all these other core services that need to be funded and we come down here and spend endless hours" debating morals and religion, Potts said.

I agree with Mr. Potts' last statement 100 percent. Here we are a few months away from voting for the next governor, and all we can talk about is gay adoption? When you consider all the children (especially minority) that need caring and loving homes why is this even an issue? As long as gay couples are law abiding and can provide a solid and stable home environment then end of issue. Let's talk about what's really important. This is what I gathered from Mr. Potts' interview with the Associated Press.

Russ Potts appears to be what I believe the republican party stood for many years ago: fiscal conservativism, a common sense approach to solving problems, reluctance to use catchy "one trick ponies" in order to get elected, and the belief in less government intervention in matters of a personal nature. Therefore the "independent maverick" is really starting to sound like the best option for pragmatic voters who are concerned with the truly important issues facing the Commonwealth. We still have a long ways to go before November, but for attempting to focus the debate for the next governor of the Commonwealth on issues of real importance I sincerely thank you Russ Potts!


  • At 7/08/2005 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I agree fully William. I am glad to see that someone else notices the our politicians are much more focused on issues that are not that relevant or important rather than issues that make a difference in all of our lives.


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